Sunday, October 18, 2015

Oil Pulling: How I Do It

Hellooooooo, people.

I've been oil pulling recently. I want to quickly explain how I do it.

It's done slightly differently, depending on who's doing it; but for the most part, the oil pulling process is pretty standard.

Step 1: Choose an oil

My current oil of choice is extra virgin coconut oil and it's been working just fine for me. The only thing, though, is that I don't really like the taste of it (which is ironic because I love eating coconut). Maybe it's because I'm not used to taking coconut oil straight like that?

Other options: 
- Sesame oil (the traditional oil of choice)
- Extra virgin olive oil

Step 2: Grab a timer (or your phone or clock)

You can oil pull for 5-20 minutes. I just do 5 minutes because I can't stand the coconut oil in my mouth for longer than that. I still get great results.

Source: Online Stopwatch

Step 3: Measure 

Use 1 tablespoon of oil for your oil pulling. I use the cap, sha.

Step 4: Swish!

All right, here's the fun part. Put the oil in your mouth and swish it around for however many minutes you've chosen. I like to use the last 1-2 minutes of my swishing time to throw my head back and gargle. Gargling gets the oil to the back of our mouths (a.k.a. "gag city," hehehe), which is the portion of the mouth that harbors the most bacteria that causes post-nasal drip, sore throat, and bad breath.  If you're using the cap for measurement, remember not to put your mouth on it (simply pour the oil into your mouth, unless you're ready to wash the cap afterwards). 
A healthy diet makes the skin glow. :-) I woke up like this. And my natural brows say hello. Lol 

That's it. For more details on the benefits of oil pulling, click here: ALL-NATURAL HEALING: HAVE YOU TRIED OIL PULLING?

Will you be trying oil pulling?