Sunday, May 1, 2016

Mane Comeback: Grow Your Edges! (*UPDATED*)

Note: Updates have been made on this post. Scroll down for the new tip and picture I share (Tip #3)! 

In August 2011, I suffered from the infamous receding hairline. I was wearing lace wigs most of the time and I wasn't taking care of my hair underneath (bad move).

And, girl, my hairline started to disappear! I already have a big forehead, so the forehead transformed to a five-head and it was NOT a good look.

My hairline started receding again in 2015 when I started neglecting my edges
Anyway, I recovered from it, and pretty quickly too. Within about 3 months, my hairline was back in action! My curlies in the front and not-so-curlies (lol) on the sides of my head were sprouting again. And whenever I wore my hair out, I did so without feeling self-conscious.

There are three major things I did that helped me regrow my hairline:

1. I left those wigs alone during the first 3 months of my recovery (I was fully recovered within 6-7 months)

2. I used a castor oil mix I made to massage my scalp 1-2 times a day

3. I always wore a satin headband (throughout the day and at night). In the first 3 months (the time when I did not wear any wigs) I would wear the headband and put the rest of my hair into a bun or updo. During the final 3 months of recovery (I started wearing wigs again by this time), I wore the headband underneath my wig. I also wore only curly wigs or wigs with big hair that way the big hair would conceal the fact that the front part of my wigs were not completely flat on my head. 

A castor oil mix I made with castor oil, mink oil, coconut oil
Source: Amazon

WARNING: Castor oil contains surfactants (these are chemical compounds that, because of their molecular structure, are good cleansing agents because they attach themselves to dirt and loosen the dirt to be easily washed off). If you have a sensitive scalp, these surfactants can cause itchiness, dryness, burning sensations, or headaches. But what you can do is to mix castor oil with other oils and you should be fine.  Alright, you've been warned. Sensitive scalp ladies, if you try to use pure castor oil itself all over your head, you're on your own oh! I no go rescue you! Haha, just kidding (well, not really).

I'll definitely go back to my castor oil regimen soon

Whatever cream or oil mixture you decide to use is up to you. But the key in growing your hairline is massaging it and using a castor-oil-based anything

Massaging the affected areas (a.k.a the bald spots) will help the blood circulate better at that spot you're massaging. And the better the blood circulation, the better your hair will grow.