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FAQs: Your Water is Killing Your Hair (Part 2)

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This is Part 2 of my post, "Your Water is Killing Your Hair." You can take a minute to read through that post first if you haven't yet. Then come back and join me here... I'll wait for ya!

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I've gotten some questions regarding apple cider vinegar, so I've collated them here:

What's an apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinse? 
An ACV rinse is when I dilute apple cider vinegar with water and pour it all over my freshly washed and conditioned hair as a final rinse on my wash day. Details of my recipe: here.

What are the benefits of ACV?
ACV rinses smoothen my tresses, cure and prevent hard water damage, and prevent dandruff and itchy scalp.

If I don't do ACV rinses, will my hair still grow?
Your hair will still grow even if you don't do ACV rinses. But if you have hard water damage and you don't do anything else to address it, your hair will just grow and cut, grow and cut (excessive breakage). It'll be too frustrating, really.

Where can I find apple cider vinegar?
You can find it at Ebeano in Lagos or at your local supermarket; Medplus or your local pharmacy; or online at Olori or Fig Health Store (They both ship nationwide!)

How long did it take you to get rid of your hard water damage?
The first time I had hard water damage it took me about 5 months to completely clear it. I did ACV rinses every week and had to do a big trim because I had so many tarnished, split ends. I also remember washing my hair a couple times with Aubrey Organics Swimmer's Shampoo

How would I know when the hard water damage is gone?
Products you know to work well will start working for you again. Also, the hard water damage symptoms should diminish/disappear. Symptoms of hard water damage are here.

How often should I do an apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinse?
When I was first recovering from hard water damage, I rinsed with ACV once a week for the first month. By the second month until the fifth month I was rinsing with ACV just once every two weeks.

Hard water damage is the worst! How can I prevent it from happening again?
Make ACV a regular member of your grow-my-hair committee! You should incorporate it into every wash day for as long as you live in a place that has hard water. 

But ACV has a strong, stinky smell. Won't it make my hair stink too?
The ACV smell disappears once you add your hair moisturizer or oils and your hair is fully dried. I don't rinse out my ACV (I just wait for the smell to vanish upon drying). But if the smell bothers you too much, just pour filtered water onto your mane to get rid of the smell. Alternatively, you can gently squeeze the excess ACV from your hair, which gets rid of most of the smell. 

At what point during my wash process should I do the ACV rinse?
I answered this in my previous post. It's best to do this on wash days after washing & deep conditioning your hair. 

Can I do the ACV rinse before washing or conditioning?
The most effective way would be after washing and conditioning because ACV also closes your cuticles and rebalances the pH (acidity levels) of your tresses. This is all beneficial to the healing process when recovering from and preventing hard water damage and dryness. 

After I rinse with ACV, should I then rinse off the ACV with water?
You can if you want, but you don't have to do so. 

Is ACV safe for kids?
ACV is safe for everyone! It's so safe that some people drink it and others cook with it. I even use it to make homemade salad dressing, yummm. 

I don't like ACV. What's an alternative to cure my hard water damage?
Above I mentioned Aubrey Organics Swimmer's Shampoo. It's an excellent alternative. It's a lot stronger than apple cider vinegar. If you decide to use this shampoo, I'd suggest using it every two weeks for the first 3 months, and from the fourth month onward, use it only once a month. 

ACV rinses don't work for me. My hair is still dry, dry, super dry. What should I do?
Omo, if you're not seeing any improvement with ACV after 6 months, your level of hard water damage don pass ACV stuffs. You may need to switch to that Aubrey Organics Swimmer's Shampoo. But first please revisit the list of symptoms to double check that you even still have hard water damage. Dry hair is not necessarily an indicator of hard water damage; it's just one of the symptoms. 

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