Monday, May 2, 2016

What is My Real Hair Texture?

I don't really go by any hair-typing systems.

What I've discovered about my hair's texture is that it has 3 "personalities," kind of like alter egos.

You're probably thinking, abeg, what is she talking about???

Before I get into that I have a testimony for ya'll. 

MY HAIR IS TOUGH. It's SUPER TOUGH. And thank God for conditioner and drinking water (yes, drinking water is essential), or else only Lord knows where my hair would be right now. 

Where Mama dey? She'd be the best to tell this story. All my life she had to fight.... She had to fight the curls, she had to fight the kinks, and Ohhhhh Lord, she had to fight the rubbery-ness of my hair. But when she started deep conditioning my hair in 2004, it changed my hair life. From then on we gradually learned how to maintain my hair's moisture levels enough for Mom to braid my hair without tears, screaming, and pure misery. Momsie really tried. I appreciate her patience.

Back to my mane's personalities:

1. Happy Mane 

  • My tresses have the perfect level of moisture as Happy Mane
  • My hair is soft, yet stern, and pliable, so I'm most likely going to have an awesome hair day!
  • It has a slight sheen to it 
  • My curls are semi-defined (those little waves in picture above are my curls)
  • If I moisturize 2-4 times a week OR if I moisturize heavily on wash day and tuck my hair away for the rest of the week, Happy Mane will definitely stick around throughout that week

Character 2: Thirsty Mane

  • Oh geez, when Thirsty Mane shows it's face, wahala dey
  • My strands are dry and rough to the touch 
  • There's A LOT of breakage and tangling 
  • It's difficult to bend, twist, part or comb the hair, which makes it really hard to do any hairstyles 
  • I have no curl definition at all

Character 3: Wet/Damp Mane

  • I love this one because my hair is easiest to maneuver when it's damp or wet
  • My strands are flexible, and if I add detangler, some of the tangles can be easily removed through finger-combing 
  • If it's wet, though, I have to be extra careful so I don't cause breakage 
  • My curls are the most defined in this stage 
  • This personality only comes up temporarily, but it's instrumental 

Letting go of all the hair typing hair curl envy liberated me. I instead focused on learning about my hair texture in various states. And by doing so I've been able to know which hair products to apply and hairstyles to do when my hair is acting a certain way. Life is easier when you know your hair.

What are your mane personalities?