Monday, October 3, 2016

*UPDATED* Grow Your Hair! MAG Starter Pack

*UPDATE: I've added 3 more hair tools (items with "*" next to them) to this Starter Pack list. Check it out.*

Hi, ladies. I want to say a big "Welcome!" to all my new readers. And a warm "Hey, darlings!" to my veteran readers. 

You're frustrated with your hair! I've been there too. 

At a time in my life, my hair was the same length for over 10 years! I've had that devastating salon setback. I've been so incredibly stressed out my hair has fallen out in clumps at some point. I've lost my edges more than once! I've broken combs, omo, plenty combs. I've had hair so rough and difficult to comb that hairstylists in the past have refused to attend to me in their salons.

But guess what? My hair is flourishing now! 

So you're not alone; I'm right here to help!

Let's grow your hair too, shall we?

Here's What You Need:

- Deep conditioner
- Shampoo
- An oil
- Hair moisturizer
- Apple cider vinegar
- Clean, filtered water
- A wide tooth comb

That's it. I'm keeping this list simple, because you'll find that the more simple your hair routine is, the easier it is to keep up.

Ngwa, megharịa ahụ (Get moving!) Gather your hair tools, questions, and comments, and let's get you started. 

Until next time, cheers to healthier hair and a happier you!