Monday, January 9, 2017

Protect Your Hair for Harmattan

Happy New Year, Mane Divas!

I hope your holidays have been fun, relaxing--simply, amazing. I wish you all a bright, prosperous 2017!

For those of us in Lagos, harmattan is now in full force, along with its winds, dust, haze, and dry air. For those of us in New York or many other parts of the US, winter is here!

How are you protecting your hair?

You may be thinking, protecting my hair? As in, how?

My sistah, as in hide yo ends, hide yo edges, hide as much of your hair as you can. Harsh weather is no joke. It'll rough-up your mane so much you can lose months of good hair growth.

Protective styling (hairstyles where your ends are braided, wrapped, or tucked away) helps to retain length and saves you time and energy when growing your hair. 

My primary tips when it comes to protective styling for this harsh season: 

1. Choose 3 cute, go-to styles for the entire season
This reduces the stress of trying to figure out what to do with your hair. I notice that when I stress about how to style my hair at the last minute, I usually end up over-combing and over-manipulating my mane. Doing this causes me more breakage; so please plan ahead.

2. Don't wear a style for more than 6 weeks
without releasing your hair to wash, deep condition, and de-tangle, to minimize matting. I usually aim for 4-6 weeks. 


3. Make sure you can still reach your scalp 

So for my ladies who like to sew nets on their anchor braids for weave-on (sew-ins), be sure to have a spray bottle or needle-point bottle to use to oil your scalp regularly

4. Don't sacrifice the health of your hair for a cute hairstyle
If this means you need to wash your bone straight, Naomi Campbell weave every week/every two weeks because it gets greasy from all the moisturize and oils you squeeze into your anchor braids... Then guess what, boo? That's what you gotta do. 

5. Moisturize your hair every day

6. If you can, wear a wig.

With wigs you can wear the perfect hairstyle during the day and enjoy freedom or full access to your own hair and scalp at night to massage your scalp, moisturize your own hair, and sleep comfortably. 

Ya'll know I love convenience and simplicity, and wigs as a protective style give me just that. I've been exploring new styles this time around though. 

What things are you doing to protect your hair this season?

All the best,