Sunday, October 16, 2016

When Your Twistout is Rubbish...How to Save It!

When your twistout is rubbish, have no fear!

I used to get so frustrated whenever I'd work hard preparing for a twistout, only to take out the twists and see pure babash (rubbish). Like, how? Did the hair not know how hard I had worked? Have some mercy on me!

My hair came out to play for exactly 24 hours this weekend (haha). And this time around, my twistout wasn't what I wanted it to be. But I remixed it into something I loved (instead of cancelling all my plans to go out, which I've definitely done in the past). See? I'm learning. 

I went to lunch with one of my girlies, and we decided to catch a bit of our twistout failures hair convo on camera. 

Here's a quick tip on how to save a sucky twistout (video below): 

Wishing you all sunshine, productivity, and happy hair this week!